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Choose the best answer from the choices given and put the letter A, B, C or D in the brackets.

1. Harry will be able to begin working soon. He has got all ____ he needs now. ( )

A. the equipment B. the equipments

C. equipments D. of equipment

2. It seems that oil ____ from the tank for some time. We'll have to take the oil tank apart to see what's wrong. ( )

A. had leaked B. is leaking

C. leaked D. has been leaking

3. A great deal of research _____ into the possible cures to AIDS in recent years.( )

A. is done B. was done

C. has been done D. will be done

4. Gone ____ when the Chinese people had to struggle to make a living and to worry about lack of food all day. ( )

A. the days B. are the days

C. have the days D. the days have

5. Sometimes I wish I ____ extraordinary power to make all the impossible possible.( )

A. have B. had

C. have had D. am having

6. I've tried several times today, but the line is always busy; someone ____ the telephone. ( )

A. should be using B. must have been using

C. must have used D. must be using

7. It's no use ______ the result of the exam; it's already finished. ( )

A. worrying about B. to worry about

C. to worrying about D. having worried about

8. With so much noise outside, the speaker had to raise his voice to have himself____.( )

A. hear B. heard

C. to be heard D. to hear

9. Our neighbor has _____ than ours. ( )

A. larger a house B. a house larger

C. larger house D. house larger

10. I couldn't get ______ to match this table, so I took this one. It's a bit smaller. ( )

A. a table cloth enough large B. an enough large table cloth

C. a large table cloth enough D. a large enough table cloth

11. Mr. Smith knows little of Chinese painting, and ____ of Chinese calligraphy. ( )

A. even more B. still less

C. no less D. still more

12. Finding a job in such a large company has always been ____ his dream, for he doesn't have the right qualifications. ( )

A. under B. above

C. over D. beyond

13. A survey was recently carried out on the reasons why some people took drugs, ____ were shocking. ( )

A. which results B. its results

C. the results of which D. the results of it

14. Professor Smith is the teacher ____ I think gave me the correct ways of learning a language.( )

A. whom B. that

C. which D. who

15. The reason _____ he failed in the exam was that he didn't know how to take notes in class.( )

A. that B. which

C. because D. why

16. The committee ______ among themselves for hours on this issue. ( )

A. has been arguing B. has argued

C. have been arguing D. have been argued

17. Every means ____ tried in the company to promote sales but without much effect.( )

A. has been B. have been

C. is D. are

18. ______ speaking, the more you pay for stereo equipment, the better the system. ( )

A. Generally B. Obviously

C. Certainly D. Actually

19. Their explanation sounded convincing, but it was just a _____ of lies. ( )

A. group B. pack

C. pile D. set

20. _____ care would have prevented the accident. ( )

A. Less B. Little

C. A little D. Lesser


Section A: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words given in the group.


21. is, was, are, will be, has been, be

The headquarters ____ in the sea-front district of Colombo, where most of the city's luxury hotels ____ located.

22. a, a, the, the, some, each

The Americans admire ____ tradition of _____ Chinese.

23. told, had told, has been told, does, is doing, is being done

She ____ that some very interesting work ____ on this.

24. am, was, were, get, got, should get

If I ____ you I ____ that car serviced.

25. if, even if, as soon as, dismiss, dismissing, dismissed

____ ____from his position, he started his own business.

26. was, was, he was, who he was, who was

He met a lady _____ sure _____ his new teacher.

27. when, which, what, is, are, were

____ she wanted from him _____ just promises.

28. either, neither, nor, what, which, that

They produced two reports,­ ____ of ____ contained any useful suggestions.

Section B: Fill in the blanks with the words given in brackets. Make changes or add something where necessary.(共20小题,每小题1分,共20分)

29. Nobody agreed with you, __________ .(they)?

30. What __________ (strange man) he is !

31. The Browns __________ (be) moving away on Saturday.

32. Turn in all __________ (papers) before Friday, please.

33. I've got an appointment at the __________ (dentist) at 11:15.

34. It was the first time I __________ (see) her, and I was impressed.

35. His secretary __________ (constantly forget) to post his letter.

36. I __________ (work) on my essay for a whole day and have produced only one paragraph.

37. She asked if I __________ (help) her with her homework.

38. It is reasonable to assume that the paparazzi __________ (directly cause) Princess Diana to die.

39. I prefer my roommate __________ (not make) any noise at night.

40. She kept __________ (depress) until he advised her to see a psychiatrist.

41. I like Betty and Maud, but I think Betty's __________ (nice) of the two.

42. Of all my sisters, Sue works __________ (hard).

43. Leaves kept __________ (fall) above our heads when we were walking among the trees.

44. Many thousands have __________ (benefit) the new treatment.

45. The hotel manager, __________ (who) I complained about the service, refunded part of our bill.

46. A hundred dollars __________ (be) a large sum of money to a university student like me.

47. You shouldn't get Botticelli and Boccherini mixed up. The one is a painter and __________ (other) is a composer.

48. - Is it true that Geoff has had a heart attack?

- Yes. I am __________(afraid).


Correct one error in each of the following sentences.

49. He has finished his half lecture.

50. By the time I return to my country, I am away from home for more than three years.

51. When, where, and by whom has the automobile invented?

52. Mr. Lee was upset by us not tell him the truth.

53. With view of your poor reward in school, we think you should study more.

54. Both Tom wanted to go to the south, and his wife wanted to go there, too.

55. The day was very warm and humid, for that I turned on the air conditioner.

56. Dr. Sales is a person I don't have much confidence.

57. A typhoon causes very often great damage to crops in this area.

58. On the table she sat in the restaurant.

59. Many people still go to work by buses.

60. If you haven't got fresh milk, I'll take some tinned ones.


Rewrite the following sentences as required.

61. Using an intensificr:

I am not interested in economics.

62. Using a question tag:

She must have waites here for a long time.

63. Using a proper modal auxiliary:

The Bulls were probably not well prepared for the third game of 1996 NBA final.

64. Using a non-finite form:

I knew that he was poor. I offered to pay his fare.

65. Using a relative clause:

They will go to large cities. They think they can find good jobs there.

66. Using a disjunet:

I will say frankly that he has never intended to keep his word.

67. Using an adjunct:

Set your alarm clock, or you will oversleep.

68. Using passive voice:

We imported from abroad a lot of machinery.

69. Using passive voice:

Mary seems to like John very much.

70. Using extraposition:

Whether they come or not doesn't matter very much.

71. Using inversion:

I have never been there before.

72. Using an appropriate cohesive device:

The professor stepped into the classroom. The professor opened his book and then began to talk.


Answer the following questions.

73. Why is past tense often used for politeness?

74. What concord principle do we usually use for the existential sentence?


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