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Multiple Choice (40 points in all, 1 for each)

Select from the four choices of each item the one that best answers the question or completes the statement.

1. Numbers 1-126 of Shakespeare's sonnets are addressed to a

A. 'Dark Lady'

B. prince

C. young man

D. young woman

2. John Milton's Samson Agonistes is the most powerful dramatic poem on the model.

A. Greek

B. Gothic

C. Roman

D. Latin

3.The last part of Jonathan Swif's Gulliver's Travels is a most interesting account of Gulliver's discoveries in the

A. Lilliput

B. Houyhnhnm land

C. Brobdingnag

D. Flying Island

4. The Renaissance refers to the period between the, and mid- 17th centuries.





5. Jane Austen's novel Emma gives the thought over the self-deceptive____.

A. innocence

B. ignorance

C. arrogance

D. vanity

6. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is a successful

A. romantic comedy

B. romantic tragedy

C. dark comedy

D. history play

7. In Henry Fielding's novel Tom Jones, Tom, intending to go to sea, wrongly takes the road to .

A. New York

B. Paris

C. Rome

D. London

8. John Milton wrote for his fellow undergraduate.

A. Paradise Regained

B. Areopagitica

C. Paradise Lost

D. Lycidas

9. In Songs of Innocence, William Blake experimented in meter and __, and introduced bold metrical innovations.

A. scheme

B. rhyme

C. genre

D. imagery

10. The following words best describe Mrs. Bennet, a character in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice EXCEPT

A. beautiful

B. empty-headed

C. itelligent

D. snobbish

11. Charles Dickens described the debtor's prison in

A. David Copperfield

B. Nicholas Nickleby

C. A Tale of Two Cities

D. The Pickwick Paper

12. Percy Shelley's poem

became a rllying song of the British Communist Party.

A. The Cloud

B. To a Skylark

C. Ode to Liberty

D. Men of England

13. Charlotte Bronte's most autobiographical work, is largely based on her experience in Brussels.

A. Jane Eyre

B. Shirley

C. Vllette

D. The Professor

14. After Candida was produced in New York in 1903, the position of as the leading playwright of his time was established.

A. William Wordsworth

B. Shakespeare

C. Bernard Shaw

D. Charles Dickens

15. The Return of the Native is one of the works known as Thomas Hardy's “novels of character and

A. environment

B. color

C. local

D. theme .

16. A child character,__ , is described by Charles Dickens in Dombey and Son.

A. Little Nell

B. Little Paul

C. Huck

D. Jim

17. The character Mrs. Reed is the __of the heroine of Jane Eyre.

A. teacher

B. maidservant

C. aunt

D. adoptive mother

18. The real success of

came with Under the Greenwood Tree in 1872.

A. Thomas Hardy

B. Jonathan Swift

C. Bermard Shaw

D. William Blake

19. T S. Eliot's

is concerned with the quest for the immortal element, the sillness with time or history.

A. Ash Wednesday

B. Four Quartets

C. The Cocktail Party

D. Murder in the Cathedral

20. D. H. Lawrence is from a

family, and he is one of the greatest English novelists of

the 20th century.

A. lower-class

B. working-class

C. wealthy

D. upper-class

21. T. s. Eliot's early poems are dominated by the dark horror of an earthly hell and the following are the ones EXCEPT_

A. The Waste Land

B. The Hollow Men

C. The Daughter in-Law .

D. Prufrock

22. In his long dramatic career, Bernard Shaw wrote more than plays, touching a

variety of subjects.

A. twenty

B. thirty

C. forty

D. fifty

23. D. H. Lawrence's

ends with Paul's rejection of despair and his determination to face the future.

A. Women in Love

B. Aaron' Rod

C. Sons and Lovers

D. Lady Chatterley's Lover

24. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born into a prominent family in 1804 and this had a deep effect on him.

A. Catholic

B. Puritan

C. Calvinist

D. Protestant

25. Leaves of Grass was just the expression of Walt Whitman's own set of__principles.

A. philosophic

B. psychological

C. moral .

D. aesthetic

26. Which one of the following works is NOT written by Herman Melille?

A. Typee

B. Omoo

C. The Europeans

D. Pierre

27. The tales in Mosses from an Old Manse demonstrate the obsession of with the moral and psychological consequences of pride, slflessness, and guilt.

A. Mark Twain

B. Robert Frost

C. Nathaniel Hawthorne

D. Emily Dickinson

28. Moby-Dick is difficult to read because much of the language is purposely old-fashioned and

A. Greek

B. Elizabethan

C. Latin

D. Victorian

29. In There was a Child Went Forth, the early experience of____ is well identified with the childhood of a young, growing America.

A. Scott Fitzgerald

B. Herman Melville

C. Henry James

D. Walt Whitman

30. Mark Twain's best works drew upon the scenes and of his boyhood and youth, one of which is Roughing It.

A. life

B. emotions

C. education

D. experiences

31. Emily Dickinson's poems are short, rarely more than___lines.

A. ten

B. fifteen

C. twenty

D. twenty-five

32. During the last two decades of his life, turmed away from fiction, involved himself in political activities and joined the Communist Party.

A. Theodore Dreiser

B. Henry James

C. Robert Frost

D. Herman Melville

33. The couple in the novel were modeled after Scott Fitzgerald himself and his wife.

A. Tender is the Night

B. Tales of the Jazz Age

C. This Side of Paradise

D. The Last Tycoon

34. Robert Frost's subject matters mainly focus on the landscape and people in.

A. New Hampshire

B. New England

C. Boston

D. Alaska

35. One of Henry James' literary techniques innovated to cater for this psychological emphasis is his

A. narrative“point of view”

B. way of using algory

C. way of using symbols

D. logic“view of liberty'

36. A Farewell to Arms tells us a story about the love affair of a wounded American soldier with a

A. French nurse

B. French reporter

C. British reporter

D. British nurse

37. At the age of seventy,____ took up a religious question, most notably in the poem Afler Apple-Picking.

A. Henry James

B. Robert Frost

C. Scot Fitzgerald

D. Mark Twain

38. The .

Age of the 1920s characterized by frivolity and carelessness is vividly brought to life in The Great Gatsby.

A. Golden

B. Lost

C. Jazz

D. Gilded

39. William Faulkner once said that

is a story of“lost innocence.

A. The Sound and the Fury

B. A Farewell to Arms

C. The Great Gatsby

D. In Our Time

40.“Grace under pressure' is an attitude towards life that_had been trying to

demonstrate in his works.

A. Herman Melville

B. Scot Fitzgerald

C. William Faulkner

D. Ernest Hemingway


Reading Comprehension (16 points in all, 4 for each)

Read the quoted parts carefully and answer the questions in English.

41. Duke. What, is Antonio here?

Ant. Ready, so please your grace.

Duke. I am sorry for thee; thou art come to answer

A stony adversary, an inhuman wretch,Uncapable of pity, void and emptyFrom any dram of mercy. 


A. Identify the author and the title of the work from which the quoted part is taken.

B. Where does the situation happen?

C. What's wrong with Antonio?

42.“You, Jane, I must have you for my own- entirely my own. Will you be mine? Say yes,quickly.'

“Mr. Rochester, let me look at your face: tur to the moonlight.'


“Because I want to read your countenance; turn!'


A. ldentify the author.

B. What's the relationship between Jane and Mr. Rochester?

C. What does Jane represent?

43.1 hardly know whether it was the analogies or the differences that were uppermost in the mind of a young American, who, two or three years ago, sat in the garden of the“Trois Couronnes,' looking about him rather idly at some of the graceful objects I have mentioned. It was a beautiful summer morning, and in whatever fashion the young American looked at things they must have seemed to him charming.


A. Identify the author and the title of the work from which the quoted part is taken.

B. Who is the narrator?

C. What does this work deal with?

44. I willed my Keepsakes一Signed away

What portion of me be

Assignable一and then it was

There interposed a Fly一

With Blue一uncertain stumbling Buzz-

Between the light一and met一

And then the Windows failed一and then

1 could not see to see一


A. ldentify the author and the title of the work from which the quoted part is taken. .

B. How does the author look at death?

C. What period does the author belong to?


Questions and Answers (24 points in all, 6 for each)

Give a brief answer to each of the following questions in English.

45. How does Daniel Defoe deal with his rest four novels after Robinson Crusoe?

46. What are the characteristics of Modernism?

47. Why is Nathaniel Hawthorne extraordinary as a man of literary craftsmanship?

48. Why is Adventures of Huckleberry Finn significant in many ways?


Topic Discussion (20 points in all, 10 for each)

Write no less than 150 words on each of the following topics in English in the corresponding space on the answer sheet.

49. Briefly analyze William Wordsworth's short poems according to the subjects.

50. Briefly discuss the characteristics of Scott Fitzgerald's novels based on The Great Gatsby.








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